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When I was in your shoes and getting ready for Coast Guard Boot Camp, I did everything I could to make sure I showed up as prepared as possible. The 3 things that helped me the most were the Helmsman, reading the USCG forums and my knowledge of progressive exercise planning. I knew my 11 General Orders when I showed up and I was also in reasonably good shape, but I quickly learned that there was a whole slew of information that no one told me about. I learned these things through trial and error and lots of Incentive Training sessions, but my life at Cape May would've been a hundred times easier if I had access to this info beforehand. Things like knowing ALL of the required knowledge, how to behave in the galley (cafeteria), how to respond correctly, how to work within the rules to make life easier - are all very important. I learned all these things the HARD WAY, and I wrote them all down for you so that you can learn them the EASY WAY - before you get there. Below is just a sample of the benefits that you'll get when you download the Coast Guard Boot Camp Survival Guide PDF (4th Edition).

  • Show up REALLY knowing ALL of Your Required Knowledge Information. (FYI: If you think it's all in the Helmsman, it's not. For example, the Helmsman has Rates and Ranks but it doesn't verbally describe all the embroidery items like shoulder board insignia, collar device and lacing for each uniform - and you are expected to know this. In the Coast Guard Boot Camp Survival Guide I go beyond the Helmsman and give you the missing pieces that I didn't have when I went. This has been updated for 2017)
  • In Chapter 06 You Will Learn How To Respond Correctly To The 8 Most Common Scenarios You Will Be Faced With Every Single Day. Some of my shipmates were still screwing this up even halfway through Boot Camp - and getting hit hard for it.
  • Be Ready To Succeed At Timed Objective Exercises Right From The Beginning. (On Page 46 I reveal to you the exact description of the most common timed objective exercise you will do and how to practice for it NOW so that when you get to Coast Guard Boot Camp it will be a breeze.)
  • On Page 48 I Give You the ONE THING YOU NEED TO KNOW to pass your rack inspection every time. (Once I figured out this sneaky but completely within the rules strategy, rack inspections were a breeze.)
  • In Chapter 09 I Teach You The Most Common Reasons Why Recruits Lose Their Military Bearing And How To Practice Now So That You Don't Make Those Same Mistakes.
  • Decrease Your Chances Of Being Reverted, Sent To RAMP, Or Getting Discharged.
  • Make 08 Very Difficult Weeks Of Your Life A Lot Easier.
If That Isn't Enough, You Will Also:
  • Learn a POWERFUL mental trick that I cover in Chapter 18 that will make you immune to the mental onslaught from your Company Commanders. (I learned this from the Navy Special Warfare guys).
  • Increase your chances of getting an award at graduation. This will be noted in your permanent record and will make a great impression when you first show up to your unit.
  • Minimize your chances of getting the "red-belt". Recruits who are forced to wear the red-belt are those who are not meeting standards. If you wear the red-belt too long, you will get reverted for not making progress.

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I'm aware that sounds like a horrible late-night TV infomercial but it's actually true. Clickbank, the vendor who sells the Coast Guard Boot Camp Survival Guide on my behalf, provides this 60 day guarantee for ALL books that are sold through their storefront.

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Guarantee #1: You get 60 days to try and if you don't like it for ANY reason, you can request a refund.

Guarantee #2: If you don't graduate from Coast Guard Boot Camp in 8 weeks, I will issue you a refund.

It doesn't make any logical sense not to get it when you consider the money-back guarantee and all of the benefits.

Survival Guide and Fitness Success Program Limited Time Offer | Download the Coast Guard Boot Camp Survival Guide PDF

When the Coast Guard Boot Camp Survival Guide and the Coast Guard Boot Camp Fitness Success Programs were first released, I offered them to aspiring recruits in a separated format. My reasoning was that there were some recruits who only needed help with the mental aspect of getting ready for USCG Basic Training and then there were others who only needed assistance with getting physically prepared. It was this way for quite a while and there were indeed some people that only got the Survival Guide ($29.97) and some who only purchased a Fitness Success Program ($19.97) for their fitness level, but I did some thinking prior to releasing the 4th Edition of the Survival Guide. 

I realized that by offering them in this way, the recruits who only got the Fitness Success Program were actually selling themselves short. The reason is because if one really truly wanted to, they could get in better physical shape without it, BUT there was no way they could obtain the knowledge in the Survival Guide in any other way except reading the Survival Guide. While I will say that the Fitness Success Program is a great tool for getting you physically ready for Coast Guard Basic Training, the reality is that I'm not the only knowledgable, certified personal trainer on the block who's been through boot camp. I am however, the only guy who's been through USCG Boot Camp and wrote a detailed guide about it. 

This is why after giving it some thought, I decided to bundle the two together. I didn't want recruits to show up only half ready. To truly "Survive Coast Guard Boot Camp", you need to show up with your Yin AND Yang in order. The mental piece and the physical piece are two sides of the same preparation coin. 

Therefore, for the time being, you have the opportunity to get both the Survival Guide and the Fitness Success Program ($49.94 VALUE) for only $23.95 !! *

After you download the Survival Guide, you will get a confirmation e-mail from ClickBank (my secure store vendor). That e-mail will have a receipt number. You will then use that receipt number to fill out a brief questionnaire that will tell me a little bit about your current fitness level. I will then e-mail you a Fitness Success Program catered to your ability. Most programs are 8 weeks long, but for Type 1 and Type 2 recruits, they are twice that length. You can read more about the 5 fitness level types I designed the programs for on this page.

* PLEASE NOTE: This is a limited time promotional price to celebrate this new preparation bundle.  

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What Some Of Your Future Shipmates Are Saying

"My CCs and CCs from other companies didn't know what to do with me in the galley, because I could answer any question they threw at me..." (Read Full E-Mail Below)

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 "...if I encounter anyone that I can steer in the direction of signing up, the first thing I'll do is recommend your book..." (Read Full E-Mail Below)

Coast Guard Boot Camp Survival Guide Testimonial | Download the Coast Guard Boot Camp Survival Guide PDF

You Might Think You're Ready Because You Read The Helmsman And You Know The 11 General Orders

Angry Company Commander in Coast Guard Basic Training
Angry Company Commander in USCG Boot Camp
Company Commander Yelling in USCG Basic Training

I wrote this book for you future recruit, so that your life at Cape May may be easier than mine. Coast Guard Boot Camp is no joke. There is A LOT of information thrown at you right from the very beginning and while you will make mistakes, the Company Commanders will expect you to adapt quickly. For every mistake you make, you will write up a performance tracker. The more performance trackers you get, the more you will stand out negatively and the more you will get picked on - which means you'll have to adapt even faster. Once you get categorized as a bad recruit, it's extremely difficult to break out of the cycle of punishment. Let me explain for you how this works.

In the first 1.5 - 2 weeks of your 8 week stay at Cape may, your Company Commanders are figuring out where to categorize recruits. If they decide that you're someone who needs "special attention" you are going to get called on frequently for required knowledge. You will also be scrutinized more for attention to detail items (i.e. - your uniform, your shave for men, your hair for women, etc). Since you are getting called on much more frequently, your chances of screwing something up go up significantly. If you get picked on once a day you just have to make sure you get it right ONCE. If you get picked on 10 times a day, that's 10 times you're "on stage" and you have to perform.

Here's what you may not know about being "on stage". I'm sure you are already familiar with the fact that if you answer something incorrectly you'll get hit with a performance tracker. Except it's not as simple as just messing up on the answer to their question. If you also don't respond in the correct way (in the Survival Guide I teach how to respond correctly to 8 of the most common daily scenarios), you get hit with another performance tracker. If you don't then respond correctly to the mistake you made and repeat your response correctly, that's another performance tracker. If you accidentally address a Company Commander the wrong way (i.e. - call them "sir" when they are not an Officer), that's another one. You can actually rack up quite a few in one interaction. One of my shipmates once got hit with 14 performance trackers in only one interaction!

Here's how that leads into a vicious cycle. So you get hit with the performance trackers which means you'll be doing Incentive Training in the evening. The Incentive Training is not only wearing you down physically but when you're doing that, the squared away recruits are ironing their uniforms, organizing their rack, studying, etc. Now you have to do all that stuff after lights out. This means you're getting even less of the little sleep you can get. If it's on a night where you have to stand watch as well, you realistically will probably only get 1-2 hours of sleep and then it's "FIRE, FIRE, FIRE!!!" at 5:30am again. Now you're exhausted because you were up all night catching up on the things everyone else was doing while you were doing Incentive Training. When you combine little sleep with lots of physical activity it makes your memory and brain function decrease and will also likely make you catch the "Cape May Crud" (i.e. - you will get sick). This means that you'll have a harder time learning new information and your physical performance will go down as well. When that happens, you are that much more likely to screw up again and it just leaves you stuck in a vicious cycle of punishment. The deeper you bury yourself in this quicksand of failure the harder it is to get out.

If you rack up enough performance trackers, you get sent to RAMP. You DO NOT want to go to RAMP. I remember one night when the recruits who were in RAMP passed through our squad bay with giant heavy ropes, soaked in water that they were hoisting over their head from one shoulder on to the other while yelling the Coast Guard Core Values in between. We were told that they'd be doing that for several hours. If you can't get it together in RAMP, you will then get reverted and eventually discharged. I urge you to not go down this route.

The information I give you in the Coast Guard Boot Camp Survival Guide is all the missing pieces that you don't get by reading the Helmsman or combing through the forums. It's the stuff that either I myself screwed up on or I saw others screw up on. Honestly Chapter Six alone is worth getting the book. One of the most common mistakes that recruits make is in the way they speak / respond. In Chapter Six I outline exactly how to respond correctly for 8 of the most common daily situations you will be faced with. The Coast Guard Boot Camp Survival Guide is your insurance policy for making it in Basic Training.

Look, I know you're probably thinking you'll just learn this stuff when you get there - that's what most people think, including the ones who get sent to RAMP, get reverted, or get discharged. Here's the thing, you might have some natural strengths - maybe you have really good muscle endurance and can do lots of push ups, or you're a genius who can memorize lots of information very quickly - but regardless of these natural abilities, preparing as much as you can now, will give you an enormous advantage. When I went I was in above average physical shape but that didn't make Incentive Training fun. It was still miserable. I would have rather not screwed up those times I did and avoided it all together.

Instead of learning through trial-and-error when you get there, just learn this stuff now so you won't get beat at Cape May, or worse - you end up discharged for failing to adapt. Even if you can take the beatings and make it through, do you really want to do that for 8 weeks? Consider that the average recruit only gets about 3-5 hours of sleep a day and you're awake doing something for 19-21 hours a day, for 8 weeks straight. Believe me when I tell you that the weeks seem a lot longer when you're awake for that long every day and you don't get much time to sleep in between. If you read and study the Coast Guard Boot

Angry Company Commander in Coast Guard Boot Camp
Angry Company Commander in USCG Basic Training
Company Commander Yelling in USCG Boot Camp

Camp Survival Guide you will make a lot less mistakes, minimize the physical and mental punishments and you'll get a lot more sleep. In boot camp, even an extra hour of sleep is precious - you'll see what I mean when you get there. For that reason alone - never mind the getting reverted or discharged - it's worth it. PLUS YOU GET A FULL 60 DAYS TO TRY IT!

I STRONGLY URGE YOU to take the Coast Guard Boot Camp Survival Guide for a test drive. Get your copy and SEE for yourself the valuable information I give you inside. If you don't think that it goes way beyond the Helmsman in getting you ready, or if you're not satisfied for any other reason, just return it for a FULL REFUND. You get 60 days to try it. No questions asked. But I'm betting that once you get your hands on it, you'll see exactly why it's the BEST preparation tool to ensure your Coast Guard Basic Training success.

Don't Forget About These Guarantees:

Guarantee #1

Remember, you get 60 days to try it. If you think it's not worth the money, you have every right to return it - no questions asked. I use ClickBank as the "store" for my book and this guarantee is part of their Terms of Service. I would offer it anyways, but I just want to give you additional peace of mind that the 60 Day Money Back Guarantee is a ClickBank Rule and since you are technically buying the book from ClickBank (who buys it from me), they will always give you your money back if you're not satisfied for whatever reason.

Guarantee #2

I'll go even further than that by offering you an additional money-back guarantee. If you get the Coast Guard Boot Camp Survival Guide, read it and genuinely make an effort to study and learn the information inside but you end up getting discharged, I will refund you the entire $23.95. You CAN'T LOSE. If you don't graduate, you get your money back. I don't think it gets any more risk-free than that.

This is your opportunity to make sure you don't end up in the discharge hold element, you don't get sent to RAMP, you minimize the mental and physical punishment handed out by your Company Commanders, you maximize your sleep, and that you show up ready on day one. If you don't feel like the information I give you in the Coast Guard Boot Camp Survival Guide and in your customized 8 week fitness success program is worth the measly $23.95, then feel free to ask for a refund and it's a done deal. You get 60 days! That's also the exact length of time that I designed the custom workout programs to last so you will literally be able to see the difference in that time and judge for yourself if you think it was worth your money for just the bonus alone. You can't lose.

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Not too long ago I released the 4th Edition of the Survival Guide to aspiring Coasties like yourself. This highly anticipated revision with all of the 2017 updates had recruits banging down my door to get their copy so that they'd be 100% ready on Day ZERO ONE. What does this mean for you? It means that right at this very moment many of your future shipmates are studying my guide and you aren't. If you don't follow in their footsteps and you show up on Day ZERO ONE at Cape May, guess who will be better prepared? They'll be breezing through all the tests the Company Commanders put everyone through, while you on the other hand will be struggling and failing. The more you continue to fail, the harder it will get. You have the power to make it easier right from the very beginning - why wouldn't you use it? Take advantage now! With the 60-Day Money Back Guarantee for ANY reason you've got nothing to lose.

If you think you know someone who would benefit from reading the Coast Guard Boot Camp Survival Guide, please consider spreading the word.

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