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The Coast Guard Boot Camp Survival Guide
The Helmsman on Steroids
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Does this describe you?

Motivated. Curious. Slightly uneasy at the thought of the unknown. Possessing a strong desire to succeed. 

I know the feeling. That described me too. 

Maybe you have the 11 General Orders down pat. You know the Rates and Ranks better than the back of your hand. You're up on the latest Chain of Command update...or maybe you're just starting out on your Coast Guard Basic Training preparation journey.

Wherever you are on the spectrum of readiness, if you really want to take it up a notch and fill in those missing pieces that you can't get anywhere else, the Coast Guard Boot Camp Survival Guide is the way to do it. This 75 page e-book combined with the Fitness Success Program is your complete guide to Coast Guard Boot Camp. It covers all of the fundamental basic components just mentioned but then dives deeper into topics like what goes on in the galley (cafeteria), marching commands, squaring the hatch, performance trackers, how to speak and respond correctly in different situations, and more.

Don't let your 8 week Coast Guard Boot Camp experience turn into a 12 week nightmare. Reversions are a painful reality. I'm not saying you can turn this into a beautiful dream, but you can certainly make it a challenging, rewarding experience without the bloodletting - if you prepare properly. 

Click on the link below to get your copy or if you want some more information about the benefits, please go to the full page on the Coast Guard Boot Camp Survival Guide.

The Coast Guard Boot Camp Fitness Success Programs
The PFT Domination Manual
The Sleep Through Morning PT Guide
The Make It Look Easy Blueprint

Do you want to barely pass or do you want to absolutely destroy your physical fitness test? 

Do you want to be in searing agony and get battered during morning PT or do you want to make it look easy-peezy? 

Incentive training is even more brutal than morning PT. Do you want to get reverted for failing to meet performance standards or do you want to survive the incentive training beatdowns that your company will inevitably receive?

Don't strive to reach the bare minimum. If you're only hitting bare minimum when you ship out, you're asking to get skinned alive by your company commanders. Not only will you likely not pass the PFT due to being exhausted, stressed out and sleep deprived when you first take it, but you'll be setting yourself up to get the "red belt". The "red belt" is worn by recruits who get sent to RAMP (Recruit Aptitude and Motivational Program). This is step one of the slippery slope to reversion. 

I don't mean to be a looming dark cloud over your head, but the attrition rate in Coast Guard Boot Camp has been steadily rising over the years. In 2008 it was around 10% *** and this year it was statistically higher - which is why I need you to understand the urgency of proper preparation.  

The choice is yours. The blueprint is here for you. All you need to do is use it. This, plus the Survival Guide, constitute your complete guide to Coast Guard Boot Camp. You will be covered from both a mental and physical standpoint.


Coast Guard Boot Camp

Survival Guide

Full Mental Preparation Blueprint For

Coast Guard Basic Training Success

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 Coast Guard Boot Camp

Fitness Success Program

An 8-Week * Comprehensive Training Manual

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* Fitness Level Types 1 and 2 are 16 Week Programs

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