PLEASE NOTE: The 4th Edition of the Coast Guard Boot Camp Survival Guide is now live. It reflects the changes that have occurred at the Cape May Training Center in 2017. The impacted areas (mainly Rates and Ranks) have been updated with the current way of reciting them. If you have ordered the Survival Guide before 30 SEP 17 and you are using it to prepare for Coast Guard Boot Camp, please e-mail me at to get the updated version.

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USCG Chain of Command

Last Updated On: 08 AUG 17 ***
Last Date Validated: 05 JAN 18

Secretary of Homeland Security: (Acting) Elaine Duke

Commandant of the Coast Guard: Admiral Paul F. Zukunft

Deputy Commandant for Mission Support: Vice Admiral Sandra L. Stosz

Commanding Officer: CAPT Owen Gibbons

Executive Officer: CDR Brian Kautler 

Command Master Chief: BMCM William Hollandsworth

Training Officer: CDR Richard Scott

Regimental Officer: LCDR Christopher Young

Battalion Officer: LTJG Richard Parocha

Battalion Commander: CSCS David Pace

*** In the military you write the date in the fashion that you see here. It's the day first, followed by the abbreviated month, and ending with the year. Get used to it now. You will be doing it this way at the Cape May Training Center as well.

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Week 08 Knowledge on Day 01

Martin in Coast Guard Boot CampMy name is Martin and I'm the guy behind I attended Coast Guard Basic Training in 2012 and although I loved the experience when it was all over, I have to say that there were some really tough points during the actual process itself. I prepared as much as I could from the information that was available to me at the time, but there were so many instances when I found myself saying "Man, I wish I had known this prior to shipping out!". Of course these surprises were intentional. The people who design the boot camp curriculum don't want you to know everything because knowledge equals confidence. If you have a recruit that shows up knowing everything, it's hard to break someone like that down and apply artificial stress on them.

This is where the Survival Guide was born!

In the trenches of Cape May. I told myself that when I got back, I would do a giant 'brain dump' of everything and put it together into an organized format to help future recruits - and I did exactly that.

Since that time, the Survival Guide has undergone 4 editions, with the latest release being 01 OCT 17. Whenever there are updates to the way things are being done at Cape May, I adjust those sections in the Survival Guide accordingly. The reality though is that the incredibly large majority of this stuff hasn't changed in forever. They do tweak things here and there from time to time, but the majority of it is steeped in military and nautical tradition that goes back a very long time. There is only so much they can adjust to try to win the information arms race that they've been faced with since the evolution of the internet. It is my goal to continue being the #1 information resource for USCG recruits outside of recruiters and official USCG personnel involved with the recruitment process. If you wish to read more about my story, you can do on the about me page. If you want to check out what some of your future shipmates have said about the Coast Guard Boot Camp Survival Guide, you can do that here.

Semper Paratus!